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Twyg extends the entry deadline for its 4th Annual Sustainable Fashion Awards

On 11 October 2022, Twyg announced the extension for all entries to their fourth annual Sustainable Fashion Awards. The new deadline put in place is 14 October 2022 – marking today as the final day to apply. Winners will be announced on 17 November 2022 at a private event, housed at the Mount Nelson hotel in Cape Town.

Mimma Viglezio, a creative consultant and editor based in London, is a judge for the Twyg Sustainable Fashion Awards. She says that awards specifically dedicated to sustainability in fashion are the evidence that sustainability matters. “It shows the importance of it not only to a wider audience, but also to the young creative/entrepreneurs who, we hope, will therefore be inspired to create responsibly,” she says.

Viglezio adds that she fervently hopes that these awards grow and that, “there will be more of them, in all countries, especially countries that are gaining visibility in the fashion industry, like South Africa.” Her advice to 2022 entrants: “Find your own voice, offer something that has meaning beyond just being a garment or an accessory. The world does not need more stuff, it needs fashion that is sustainable, intelligent and beautiful.” 

The category list for 2022 includes the Student Award, Accessory Award, Innovative Design and Materials Award, Trans-seasonal Award, Nicholas Coutts Award, Retail Award, Influencer Award, CMT and Manufacturer Award, Textile Makers and Mills Award and the Changemaker Award presented by Country Road (This category is not open to entrants).

For more information visit www.twyg.co.za or email jackie@twyg.co.za