10 AND 5 DAILY PICKS – Nyangone Tshimanga

Look inside Nyangone Tshimanga’s latest photographic project, ‘The untitled photo series’.

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Most people would say that the meaning in art accrues around personal responses, connections and reflections. But, ‘The untitled photo series’ explores the opposite, an opinion shared by a handful of artists, as well Nyangone Tshimanga.

#SwipeLeft to view Nyangone Tshimanga’s latest photographic project, which is a collection of images that embraces the fluidity of creativity, and where ideas, memories, colours, details, stories and people can be the inspiration, but also if you think that art has to have a message to be meaningful, you’re getting it wrong.

Nyangone Tshimanga Sarah Naomi, who also goes by Naomi Mukadi, lives and works in Libreville, Gabon as a portrait and and fashion photographer.