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Artist TAWVN Premieres Brand New ‘Ngizok’bamba’ Music Video

Artist, Writer, Singer and Performer, TAWVN, who is said to compassionately be known as ‘Africa’s protected diamond and a hedged in rarity’, has recently released her latest music video titled ‘Ngizok’bamba’.

Inspired by the role that African women play (and played) in the Zulu kingdom, namely Princess Mkabayi kaJama, the music video is further said to represent a balance between the positive feminine and positive masculine energies as both energies have value and when they work together in harmony, they achieve great things…
Experience-wise, ‘Ngizok’bamba’ is an animation video with a mixture of different animation styles, including animé. Notably, TAWVN worked with a Black South African animation studio to create the music video.

It highlights how integrated Zulu women were and are in deciding the trajectory of a powerful nation that I call home. It makes me proud and edifies me. It makes me believe in the power of my voice and mind more than ever before, and makes me want to take up more space than before and let my voice be heard louder than ever before


Watch the music video below:

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