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Garden Music Releases Visuals For “More of You” Single

Reba Red and Big Dreamz are a duo that goes by the name Garden Music and they create a soothing blend of music that one doesn’t come across too often. They released their self-titled debut EP in February of 2022, and what better way to commemorate their musical debut than releasing a music video for one of the stand-out songs on the EP?

The duo elected to give the opening song on the EP, “More of You”, the visual treatment, and like their music, the visuals carry the same simplistic treatment. The visuals pair beautifully with the stripped-down production of the song and accentuate the simplicity of the message and its execution.

The most striking aspect of the music video lies in its visual treatment. The music video is predominantly greyscaled with only a select few items showing up in colour and it gives the music video an endearing charm.

Watch the music video for “More of You” below;