Gugu by Gugu at Paris Fashion Week.

A Triumphant Debut: GUGUBYGUGU Shines at Paris Fashion Week

GUGUBYGUGU, the South African fashion brand, made their debut at Paris Fashion Week this June, with its SS25 Collection, “Assorted Identity.” As part of the Africa Fashion Up Program, GUGUBYGUGU showcased its creativity and cultural pride, marking a significant milestone for the brand.

Founded by Gugu Peteni, who wants the brand to be more than just a clothing line—”it’s a cultural movement”. Peteni, a graduate of Nelson Mandela University, blends luxury streetwear with an Afrocentric narrative, celebrating inclusivity, self-expression, and cultural pride.

The debut collection, made from locally sourced materials like Merino wool and mohair, featured handcrafted garments that empowered the wearer and told a unique story.

The SS25 collection, showcased at Paris Fashion Week, delved into the concept of “Assorted Identity.” Each garment served as a narrative, reflecting the multifaceted nature of self. The collection drew inspiration from the rich textures and innovation of Merino and Mohair, celebrating complexity and inviting the wearer to express their individuality through fashion.

Championing African Creativity

GUGUBYGUGU’s participation in the Africa Fashion Up Program underscored the dynamism of contemporary African fashion. This initiative allowed GUGUBYGUGU to join a collective of talented designers who are redefining the fashion landscape with their audacity, color, and originality.

A special highlight of the SS25 collection was the collaboration with Mohair SA, a long-standing partner and champion of South African textile innovation. This collaboration elevated the GUGUBYGUGU SS25 collection and showcased the unique qualities and heritage of South African Mohair to a global audience.

GUGUBYGUGU’s debut at Paris Fashion Week is a testament to the brand’s innovative approach and cultural significance. This event not only highlighted GUGUBYGUGU’s designs but also celebrated the beauty of self-expression and the richness of African fashion on a global stage.

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