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Rebel Bunny new single

Rebel Bunny embodies the spirit of authenticity in follow-up single “Ticket To Mars”

With extensive press and radio coverage, new releases every 6 weeks, and a UK tour scheduled for next year, Rebel Bunny is charging forward with unstoppable force.

Hot on the heels of her debut ‘Top 4’ radio dance chart position release “Better Lay Low”, UK Industry Record Of The Day praise and continued USA Amazing Radio A-list status, Rebel Bunny embodies the spirit of authenticity, raw emotion, and a take-no-prisoners attitude with her follow up single “Ticket To Mars” championing the millennial story of financial struggles.  

Stream/listen to “Rebel Bunny –Ticket To Mars

A finalist on The Voice SA, Rebel Bunny is dedicated to delivering brutally transparent addictive stories through music empowering her fellow millennials to break boundaries and refuse submission to the state. 

“Ticket To Mars” with its contagious radio friendly melodies, and hooks guides the listener through
the financial and mental struggles millennials all share. Rebel Bunny’s rebel side becomes clear
in her bridge lyric “I don’t wanna follow the pied piper, I’ll set it all alight I just need a lighter” and
demonstrates her uncompromising message which she is unafraid to spread
through her hook laden songs.

Writing with many hit achieving writers and producers throughout Europe, it’s clear Rebel Bunny is
destined to make her mark, not only in her home country South Africa, but also throughout Europe
and America where Radio stations have already started supporting her young anthemic sound.

Rebel Bunny invites you to join her on this exciting journey of self-realization and empowerment through music. You can follow her on Instagram at @rebelbunnysongs and TikTok at @rebelbunnysongs for behind-the-scenes glimpses and updates.