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40 Years of Air Force One

Nike taps into its collection of curators to help celebrate and bring the spirit of the AIR FORCE ONE alive for its 40th anniversary this year. Through a launch, Nike – along with its protagonists – will create a space that emboldens, ignites, and carries the collective power of the community forward.

Tapping into mover and shakers like popular DJ DBN Gogo, Fashion Designer, and Curator Wanda Lephoto, and well-known artist Anthony Bila, they bring an experience to surely die for. 

The main launch will be accompanied by a weekend of jam-packed visits to the exhibition that ties this awesome campaign together, once again highlighting community and culture. 

An exciting drop awaits all attendees as they get the unique opportunity to dive deeper into the stories that introduce 5 upcoming Heroes of community identified by Nike’s collaborators as they are showcased at Gallery on 4th in Melville.

Keep an eye on our IG stories for more info and scenes from the launch.