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WE ARE EGG Spotlights Young Entrepreneurs This Youth Month

WE ARE EGG is excited to announce its Young Entrepreneurs series on its social media channels, highlighting young business owners who are revolutionising their respective industries. As South Africa celebrates the power of young people this Youth Month, EGG wants to showcase these young entrepreneurs’ incredible journeys and remarkable achievements with the hope of inspiring the next generation of business owners.

First up, we have Nadia Michael, Co-Founder of Yearn Skin. Despite the pandemic throwing some massive challenges her way, Nadia was determined to bring her entrepreneurial vision to life. She tackled supply chain disruptions, skyrocketing costs, and fierce competition in the skincare market. But she wouldn’t let those setbacks stop Yearn Skin. The brand has already reached some impressive milestones, and its partnership with WE ARE EGG is taking them to even greater heights. Nadia firmly believes that Youth Month serves as a potent reminder for young individuals to empower themselves, shape future generations, and compete on a global stage.

Another brand making waves in the local beauty scene is Swiitch Beauty, founded by Rabia Ghoor. When asked how old she was when she decided to start her brand, she playfully responds, “Old enough.” However, despite her clear vision, her path as a young entrepreneur has not been without challenges—most notably, the journey of cultivating patience within herself. A major moment of pride for Rabia came when she secured her first business space, only to discover it was the exact location where her father had his first job. This chance occurrence created a profound full-circle moment, connecting her past to her present.

From makeup influencer to fashion mogul, Lindy Lin has charted an innovative path with her eponymous fashion brand. Lindy’s journey has been marked by local constraints, from fabric scarcity to CTM shortages and the never-ending challenge of load shedding. But despite these challenges, she has established a standalone store, graced the stages of SA Men’s Fashion

Week, and amassed a loyal customer base across the country. Lindy attributes her success to picking her battles wisely and never losing sight of her vision. By partnering with EGG, Lindy Lin has been catapulted into the spotlight, introducing her brand to new audiences in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and beyond.

While load shedding is an ever-present challenge for South Africa’s young entrepreneurs, 2020 brought another unexpected hurdle—the pandemic. Kabami and Lusee Mbiola, the creative duo behind Fuata Moyo, have had their sights set on becoming fashion designers since their youth. Launching their brand within the chaos of the pandemic was their biggest challenge, but also an opportunity to reshape their perspective and create new opportunities. When asked what advice they would give aspiring entrepreneurs, they respond, “Fuata moyo,” meaning “Follow your heart.” And following their hearts has served them well. Today, the brand has shown its collection at SA Fashion Week and has collaborated with iconic brands like Fabiani and Heineken. For Kabami and Lusee, Youth Month celebrates the power young people hold, emphasising that age is no barrier to making a meaningful impact.

Another young designer, Nisa Willockx, set out on her entrepreneurial journey to found Nisa Willockx Interiors at just 25 years old. Despite the challenges of being a young entrepreneur, Nisa has built a thriving interior design brand that embodies accessible luxury. Thanks to her collaboration with WE ARE EGG, Nisa has expanded her business beyond the digital realm. Now, customers can experience her vision in a physical space where they can see, feel, and engage with the natural elements, calming colours, and organic textures that have already become signatures of Nisa Willockx Interiors.

The partnership between WE ARE EGG and these young entrepreneurs demonstrates the brand’s unwavering commitment to empowering the next wave of business leaders, giving them the backing of an established business that gives them the freedom to explore their potential, learn from their mistakes, and get their brands in front of customers across the country. By sharing their incredible journeys, WE ARE EGG hopes to inspire tomorrow’s entrepreneurs by showing them that anything is possible with talent, perseverance, and a clear vision.

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