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Natasja Maria Fourie Interview for we-are-awesome
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Natasja Maria Fourie Interview for we-are-awesome

Andrew Berry interviewed South African photographer and film maker Natasja Maria Fourie for his blog we-are-awesome (www.we-are-awesome.com). Between 10 and 5 took the liberty of re-blogging the interview, because we really couldn’t have said it any better, and because, well, Fourie is quite the creative force to be reckoned with. Read […]

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Wacky Wine Weekend Advert

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U87nr9vUvsA&feature=player_embedded[/youtube] Organisers of the Wacky Wine Weekend wanted an advert “that best illustrates the spirit of the Wacky Wine Festival”. Beer Adriaanse of DPK who is studying his Masters in Media Theory & Practice at UCT, teamed up with animator Bernard van der Walt and photographer PC Benadé to produce […]

machineri’s music video directed by Revel Fox
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machineri’s music video directed by Revel Fox

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBs0Ff4IkvQ[/youtube] This is machineri’s second official music video, directed and shot by acclaimed South African director Revel Fox. Though produced on minimal budget, the raw quality combined with sharp editing by Robin Kress makes for the perfect vehicle for the band’s grimy sound. Sannie Fox (vocals) and Andre Geldenhuys (guitar) […]


EMMA-Õ Horror film trailer

Local horror buffs Ronnie Belcher & Dr Benway have been at it again. Inspired by traditional Asian-horror, EMMA-Õ is classic ghost tale revolving around an enraged ghost hellbent on revenge. If the trailer is anything to go by EMMA-Õ is set to be pleasantly unnerving. via Audrey2