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5 Questions w/Muneyi

“I don’t think I had a general understanding of pop culture when I started writing.”
photography source: (@itsarthurdlamini)

Muneyi is a folktale singer and songwriter born and raised in Venda, Limpopo. Describing him as a singer who entices his fans with his celestial voice and enthralling lyrics would be underplaying his talent, but to sum it up, Muneyi is lethal when it comes to songwriting and singing. I had a chance to ask him a few questions, read below to see how it went.

1. Who is Muneyi without the artistry?

Muneyi is a sweet, soft, ambivert (mostly introverted ) simple-hearted individual.

2. A lot of young musicians create music that falls under popular music genres and a majority sing in non-native languages, what made you take the route that you took? 

I don’t think I had a general understanding of pop culture when I started writing. I was merely expressing myself using methods my grandmother understood and that felt familiar to me and having been exposed to folk music and jazz music alike, it was my reflex to create that type of music from inception.

photography source: (@itsarthurdlamini)

3. Besides your beloved grandmother, who are your other main sources of inspiration?

General human interaction, in this part of my career it’s also been my trauma (upbringing) and romance – but from a very non lovey-dovey point of view.

4. If you could be a part of your dream band, who would you want to be a part of it? 

I don’t know if I’d love to be a part of any band (that I am already not a part of) but there are just some humans I think would if we came together and made up a band, we’d take the world by storm.

5. How was your overall 2022 experience?

Wow, guys – heartbreak is real!

photography source: (@itsarthurdlamini)