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Samsung’s Five Questions w/ Thebe Magugu

In accordance with the Samsung Newsroom South Africa, the brand, a multinational major appliance and consumer electronics corporation has partnered with South African fashion designer Thebe Magugu, to bring consumers a one-of-a-kind experience at Galaxy Fliptown from 18 to 30 August 2023, at The Zone in Rosebank, Johannesburg. Samsung created this platform to allow both its existing and future consumers to get close to and experience the true essence of the brand.

“Fliptown offers consumers an opportunity to join the flipside at a unique pop-up zone where they can express themselves like never before with the latest Samsung foldable phone sensation, the Galaxy Z Flip5. The platform is billed to give consumers an awesome platform where they can play, create unique shareable content, win fantastic prizes with Samsung, and explore digital fashion, through collaboration with Magugu.” – Samsung Newsroom

We had the opportunity to ask Thebe Magugu five questions about the collaboration, Samsung Gallaxy Z Flip5 and him constantly flipping the script.

1. We were recently just celebrating the new collaboration with adidas and Orlando Pirates and the Heritage men’s shirts, when does Thebe Magugu rest? 

I’ll tell you when he tells me! (laughs). I think I can afford to have all this output because it’s work that invigorates me; its purpose work, and that never feels draining.

2. How did the collaboration with Samsung come about and how was the creative process?

When I was approached, I immediately said yes because of the nature of the project – as an individual and as a business, I am drawn to the cutting edge.

Anyone who is familiar with my work understands that juxtapositions are intrinsic – I love connecting opposites, much like the phone itself is presenting a new point of view through exploring the intersection between modernity and the past. Thus, for my two looks, I wanted to create designs that feel forward-looking, however, inspired by elements of Y2K in fabrication and colour direction.

3. What’s your favourite feature about the new Galaxy Z Flip5?

The sleek interpretation of what a flip-phone is. I think now that we find ourselves in the ‘minimalist’ phone era, we associate flips as being a thing of the past and being quite chunky – I think the Galaxy Z Flip5 has dispelled that association because it’s incredibly modern-looking with a very sophisticated nod to the past. 

4. Was this collaboration easier or more complex compared to the previous collaboration you have done in the past?

It was easy in that both Samsung and I speak the same design language, and it’s easier for me to create a visual synergy with a partner who understands. 

5. What would you advise a young designer who wants to flip the script but doesn’t know where to start?

The best advice I got was the importance of persistence and sticking to your purpose. As a creator, you will often introduce ideas into the world which might not always be understood but you must understand that it’s the shock of the new and it’s your job to introduce people to new perspectives and elevate their thinking. Do not cower and think because you are getting negative push-back that it’s the level of your work – it very likely is the fact that you are challenging people’s minds!