Luh Ra V9

Luh’ra’s Nice one-year anniversary series continues with, Gina Jeanz produced, “Falling Apart” (Full Moon Edit)

South African singer-songwriter, Luh’ra continues the remix series celebrating the one-year anniversary of the release of her debut EP, Nice, with an ethereal edit of “Falling Apart” produced by Gina Jeanz.

True to Gina Jeanz’s production style “Falling Apart” (Full Moon Edit) places a slow beat under the original, and adds in washes of sounds that elevate the song’s central message of the inevitable disintegration of some manifestations of romantic love.

“Falling Apart’ was written shortly after a breakup,” shares Luh’ra.

“It’s a reflection on falling for the superficial aspects of someone referencing the way one dress and falling deeper into the kindness of their heart. But, unfortunately, sometimes we know deep down from the beginning that something isn’t meant to be – no matter how hard we try to romanticise a connection, it can then only end in falling apart.”

“Falling Apart” originally appeared on Nice, Luh’ra’s EP that was released on July 22nd 2022.