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Maline Aura and Karyendasoul Collaborate on Single Titled “iFu”

To most music enthusiasts, the name Maline Aura may be unfamiliar to them but for those who are tapped into the frequencies that lie in the realm of Deep House and AfroTech her name reverberates in their heads. Last year she released her debut offering titled “Maliné”, which featured 5 masterfully harmonised tracks, including “iFU”.

“iFU” was one of the standout singles on the EP and Maline Aura has decided to give the Karyendasoul assisted song its own time in the sun. The song carries a construction similar to most house songs in that it has a runtime of over 5 minutes, slowly building in intensity and blending different soundscapes to produce something that hovers in the space of the two aforementioned genres, Deep House and Afrotech. You can listen to “iFu” below;