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Rich Mnisi Debuts New Collection Titled “Tank”

Rich Mnisi has released his collection titled, “Tank,” which he debuted at the FW 2023/24 Paris Fashion Week. Rich Mnisi is renowned for his ability to honour his South African roots while pushing the frontiers of gender, art, and sexuality. He did just that with his most recent collection which features garments that are all about the fluidity of design, are thought-provoking, and don’t have gender or dress code restrictions.

His line featured a sophisticated, witty, and sensual design that is appropriate for all genders and features brilliant hues mixed with complementary textures and materials to create an aesthetic that is uniquely his own. By fusing various textiles that somehow blend together, his collection deviated from the contemporary norm that Africans have grown accustomed to. He had small mini skirts, long, hug-fitting dresses, crop tops with long, flawless caps, crochet lace shirts, backless suits, and coats with the name Rich Mnisi branded on them.

We’re not kids anymore, and in some ways, it’s a monumental loss. In others, it’s not. Because now, we can be who those kids needed. We have what we need to catch up and tell those early magical stories, to explore what we didn’t have language for. This collection is for the echoes of those children that we carry with us now, finally handing them a stage and a megaphone for all we left unsaid. Because when we were kids we didn’t know much, but what we did know, what we filled our tanks with, was wonderful.

Rich Mnisi

View the full collection below: