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VIDEO: Damn Vandal On GrafFiti, Life, Art, And Finding Different Routes To Inspiration

Smell the paint fumes. Hear the spray can. Feel the passion. Three things we can guarantee you’ll experience in the latest episode of Vuse SA’s web-series, Routes Of Inspiration, where we get a candid look into the highs, lows and flows of SA’s most inspiring creatives. In this episode, we roadtrip to the coast of KZN to meet up with graffiti artist and illustrator Damn Vandal. With dad’s fine-art influence backing him up, he found his inspiration on the streets and shores of Durban, pushing himself to improve, pushing through the pressure, pushing the envelope of his artform… and loving every second. Live inspired with Damn Vandal’s story in Episode 2 of Routes Of Inspiration, brought to you by Vuse.