Kilmany-jo liversage
Kilmany-Jo Liversage

5 Questions with Kilmany-Jo Liversage

The WorldArt gallery in Cape Town is currently showcasing Kilmany-Jo Liversage’s latest exhibition, REVOL. 10and5 caught up with her to delve deeper into her new work.

Kilmany-Jo, now renowned for her unique blend of classic Italian Renaissance portraiture with urban street art and graffiti, is taking a different perspective in her latest exhibition. In REVOL, Liversage zooms out from portraiture to include figures, presenting a broader perspective. She reflects, “As one gets older, confidence seems to both grow and diminish simultaneously. It’s an intriguing phenomenon. With these paintings, I aimed to preserve the subject’s youth – something we’re all holding onto – while adding more layers and context through expressive mark-making.”

Tell us more about how your new work is different and what inspired the change?

K-J L: I’ve decided to zoom out and portray figures into my composition. The inspiration behind the change is the fact that I have changed as a woman and as an artist. For me to stay inspired, I’ve had to find new ways to do this and zooming out of the subject matter has created a new avenue for me to do that.

What inspires you to keep going and to make new art consistently?

K-J L: The complete belief that this is my passion, my livelihood and sanity

What is the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome on the road to success?

K-J L: To keep it unique and interesting with regards to my style and subject matter.

Any advice to upcoming artists about the secret of lifting yourself out of ‘struggling artist’ mode into ‘successful artist’ mode?

K-J L: Always be up for criticism, listen and take what you can learn from it. Visualise how you see yourself to become as an artist and never lose sight of that!

What’s next for Kilmany?

K-J L: I’ve had a bumper year with a solo show in London with Everard Read Gallery at the beginning of the year and now my show with WORLDART gallery. Next up for Kilmany is a few days’ rest and then back to the studio painting. Very excited to be launching a limited edition print with WORLDART gallery before Christmas. Will also be producing new work for the Investec Cape Town Art Fair with WORLDART in February next year and do a museum group show with Spier Arts in New Orleans, USA.

Don’t miss the exhibition, if you’re in Cape Town. Catch REVOL on show until 21 December at WORLDART (54 Church Street, Cape Town). Find out more here.