jets-and-bike Photographer Gerhard Uys and illustrator Gerhard van Wyk - both featured on 10and5 before - have collaborated for their latest project. These images were created by the two Gerhards for vintage, feminine, South African inspired fashion label Nooi designed by Pretorian, Terese Meijering. The three creatives have been friends for a number of years and Gerhard & Gerhard had always wanted to collaborate but never had the opportunity. When a shoot came along for a tiny fashion outlet in Pretoria called Mix and Match Studio and Terese's clothes were in the line up, Gerhard Uys saw their chance. "When I had to hand in the final edits I decided to hold the photos of Terese's clothes back and contacted her and Gerhard. We spoke about a collaboration and here is the final product."
[youtube][/youtube] We recently found this video on Youtube. The tale of Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town. Features Jack Parow, Tumi Molekane and Jaco van der Merwe. Great story, any one have any details surrounding this? UPDATE: Bittereinder was formed early in 2009 when Jaco van der Merwe approached Peach van Pletzen and Louis Minnaar about his desire to start an Afrikaans rap project.

City Slickers is the name of the upcoming exhibition taking place in Pretoria at +27 gallery on the 13th of August, traveling to Durban at the end of October.The aim of the exhibition is to make people aware of the incredible illustration/design talent we have...

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